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Address Search Instructions:

Please enter only the street name WITHOUT adding street type or quadrant. For instance, in the Street box, enter only San Mateo instead of San Mateo Blvd. NE or Freedom instead of Freedom Way

Do NOT use use any of the following street types (key words) in the STREET field: AVE, BLV, BLVD, CIR, CT, DR, FWY, HWY, LN, LP, PKWY, PL, RD, ST, TER, TR, TRL, WAY

Note the * (asterisk) character is a wild card and will match any string of characters. For example: *del ranchero matches any occurrences containing "*del ranchero"

Additional Examples:

Number Street Direction Returns
123 Any [no selection] all addresses starting with '123' and street name beginning with 'Any' and any direction
[blank] Anywhere NE all addresses with street name like 'Anywhere' and direction 'NE'
123 %ny NE all address numbered '123' in the beginning and street name containing 'ny' anywhere and direction 'NE'
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