1. Select a desired criteria from the Criteria drop down.

2. In the space(s) provided, enter search value(s) for the selected criteria.

3. Click the Add button to add the criteria to the Current Search Criteria panel (on right).

4. For multiple criteria, separate criteria values with a comma but no space (Ex. dodge,dane).

5. To search additional criteria, repeat steps 1-4. If needed, use the Edit and Remove buttons to change the Current Search Criteria.

Use the Save/Load button to save a criteria list you have built, or load a previously saved criteria list.

All criteria are optional but at least one criterion must be entered.

For best results, do not include a street type (rd, st, etc.) or address number in the street name field.

A wild card search using an asterisk (*) is permissible in street name searches. (Ex: Green*ows will find matches for Green Meadows.